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Let us pair you with the best landscape contractor for your New Boston NH landscape design project.

If you’re looking for landscape contractors in New Boston New Hampshire, partner with the experts at Terrain to design your landscape project and manage all of the landscape contractors needed for your project. 

Need a landscape contractor in New Boston New Hampshire? At Terrain planning we are experts in managing your next outdoor project from start to finish. Our experienced landscape architects will create a design to perfectly suite your unique needs and then we will find and manage the correct landscape contractors to make sure the job is completed properly, and follows all safety and permitting requirements. Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to redesign your yard or a longtime owner looking to make some updates, our team has the experience and skills to get the job done.

Management of All Phases of Your Landscape Design and Construction Process in New Boston

When it comes to landscape design and construction, there are often considerations for factors that need local and state permitting or notification. Anytime you build a structure such as a pool, outbuilding, structural element, especially with plumbing and electrical involved, the local departments must be notified. Additionally if there are concerns about wetlands, setbacks, etc, particular attention needs to be paid to state and local regulations. Using a landscape architect to not only design, but manage your project has many benefits in addition to saving you money on the construction of the project by managing the competitive bid process, they also protect you from several costly mistakes such as poor workmanship, and lax paperwork processes that could cost you tens of or hundreds of thousands of dollars later on. Landscape construction companies alone, tend to focus only on build, where landscape architects acting as a project manager will ensure your best interests are first and foremost in all decision making. For reference we have included the contact details for the planning and building department for New Boston of you have any pre-project questions, or you can always feel free to call and discuss them with us, the call and answer is free!

Town of New Boston Building Department
7 Meetinghouse Hill Rd
New Boston
NH 03070

Town of New Boston Planning Department
7 Meetinghouse Hill Rd
New Boston
NH 03070



Here are just a few of the reasons residents and city planners in New Hampshire and Massachusetts trust Terrain Planning & Design for their landscaping design and construction projects:

Terrain’s Professionally Trained Landscape Architects are Uniquely Suited to Manage Landscape Contractors at Your New Boston Property

You may find some landscape contractors in the New Boston area with years of experience, but who have no formal training. While having experience in this industry is highly valuable, it’s also important to be educated on the latest technology and specific design and planning methods. With a landscape architect at Terrain Planning & Design, you know you’re getting a licensed professional, with extensive formal education and training, and who has passed a rigorous registration exam at the state level. We employ the latest in architectural drafting and 3D CAD (computer-aided design) which fosters creativity, and efficiency in all planning and material assessment.

With our horticultural training, we know all of indigenous species, and those that thrive in each of the New England climates and micro-climates which helps guide our design choices. We believe in working with the land and not against it, and have done so for years to create natural-looking landscapes. Stormwater management, a native palette of ornamental plants, and an environmental sensitivity – all lead to sustainable designs that respect the site and reflects your personality

Carefully Planned from Start to Finish Including the Management of All Landscape Contractors at Your New Boston Project

It takes a lot to turn your vision into a reality and we want to do it right. That’s why our staff includes knowledgeable project managers with extensive real-life experience in landscape planning. With years of experience in New England, we’re well versed in different city rules and regulations throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. To get you the best price, our project managers will send out bids to different vendors. Over time, we’ve perfected our processes so that projects can run on time and be completed on time.

With a dedicated project manager, you can rest assured that someone is there to oversee the entire landscape project from initial concept to final landscape. In particular, they specialize in:

  • Bid administration and solicitation
  • Contractor selection and oversight
  • Project scheduling and monitoring
  • Construction process oversight

Often hiring the right landscape architect can save you money on the overall project even when their fees are taken into consideration, and they always represent you as the property owner and your best interest!

Residential Landscape and Design

You want to be in love with every aspect of your home and that includes your front and backyard. Home is a place to settle in after a long day or gather with friends and family for a party. We strive to ensure that the landscape design you want is given to you and so much more.

We’ll be with you each step of the way and when the job is done, we’ll feel the pride of the homeowner as if it were our own home.

As trained architects and designers, we not only look at your project with an artistic eye, but with a analytical approach to your homes landscape designs, always looking ahead, taking nearly everything into consideration, including entrances, potential guest usage, snow and trash removal, oil and gas delivery, level and spacious lawns for the kids and shade for the patio. And of course, we’ll take your pets into consideration as well when designing your landscape. Ultimately, we want to create a design that works for everyone in your family and that will last a lifetime.

Park and Playground Design

It’s been statistically proven that the happiest cities are those with great open space. Having well-planned parks and playgrounds brings the community together, and fosters feelings of inclusion and togetherness which not only increases the quality of life for residents, but also the value of the New Boston itself.

If you’ve been tasked with planning your New Boston’s next park or playground, allow us to be your trusted partner in making sure the job not only gets done on time, but raises the bar of all expectations. The qualified design architects at Terrain Planning serve a number of Massachusetts and New Hampshire towns and can take you through all phases from conception through construction. We have the project management skills to create safe, exciting, and enjoyable open spaces that are guaranteed to strengthen and enhance the recreational space of any community.

When you work with our team, we’ll create a comprehensive strategy based on your needs that establishes a budget, timeline, and the design elements you are looking to have in your new or revamped recreational space. Our project managers will also be involved every step of the way to ensure that the project runs smoothly and on time.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to seamlessly integrate native plants, and other natural design elements to create a space that is beautiful year round and is sturdy enough to weather New England’s harsh winters.

At Terrain Planning we pride ourselves on our unique ability to integrate man-made structures with the natural world. Among our specialties in design:

  • Rowing ponds
  • Dog parks
  • Adventure and play structures for kids
  • Playgrounds
  • Bike paths and walking paths
  • Athletic fields
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • Picnic areas
  • Gardens, trees and fresh landscapes
  • More…

We know the best work comes when great minds work together, so we welcome collaboration from start to finish. At Terrain, we work with city managers, schools, community leaders and park directors to meet the specific needs, goals and budget of any organization.

Terrain Planning is the company to call when looking for a landscaping contractor in NH, we provide project management and design to take you effortlessly through all the stages of the process and deliver you to an end result even greater than you dreamed. Take a moment to check out our project portfolio and call us for a free consultation today (603) 746-3512. Offering landscaping planning and design for communities in greater Bedford, NH and suburban Boston, MA. We are the architects to consult when it’s time to make your home or park a design that will last through the generations.

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Terrain Planning is a NH residential and commercial landscape architectural firm staffed with licensed landscape architects specializing in landscape architecture design and planning, land use planning, wetland permitting, landscape design, landscape contracting and construction project management with a keen eye for both natural and sustainable landscapes. Landscape design and architectural services include backyard landscape design, outdoor kitchen design, swimming pool design, patio, drive and walkway design, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, ponds and waterfalls, playground and park design, shoreline wetlands planning and permitting, shoreline erosion planning and construction, as well as residential development planning

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