Landscape Architects for Northwood Lake Area Residential and Commercial Properties

Landscape Architects for the Northwood Lake Area Specializing in Land & Shoreline Planning

Looking for a landscape architect for your Northwood Lake property for shoreline or land planning, for dock planning and permitting, beach construction, or for lake wall planning and construction, count on Terrain Planning experience to expedite the process!

When it comes to looking for landscape architects for your Northwood Lake area home or commercial property, you can count on Terrain Planning, as many of the regions lake and oceanfront property owners have for many years, the experience gained over countless projects with regards to not only traditional landscape architectural services such as home and structure placement and permitting as well as land planning, but those disciplines pertaining specifically to waterfront challenges such as erosion planning, shoreline planning and permitting, beach construction, repair and erosion planning, sea and lake wall construction and repair, sea and lake dock planning and permitting and more, to get the job done expeditiously and thoughtfully.

Shoreline and Beachfront Planning

You may be overwhelmed considering the application for changes and modifications to your properties shoreline, or beachfront, but you don’t have to be. Hiring a landscape architect that specializes in waterfront property is the first step to ensuring the process goes smoothly. Having worked on countless waterfront projects across many towns and cities in New Hampshire and Massachusetts has give Terrain Planning and their landscape architects the knowledge and experience to ensure your dream of having a beautiful waterfront property comes to fruition.

Our Landscape Architects for Your Northwood Lake Area Home or Commercial Property Offer a Full Suite of Planning and Construction Services

When you purchase, or plan to purchase a home or commercial building in the Northwood Lake area, especially those directly on the lake, you understand there is work ahead. Terrain Planning offers the following services for its clients to make sure that not only the planning and permitting process goes smoothly, but the construction and modification process does to.

  • Land Planning for Placement of Buildings and Structures, Septic, Well, etc
  • Lakefront Erosion Planning
  • Waterfront Erosion Planning
  • Sea and Lake Wall Planning, Design and Construction Mgt.
  • Retaining Wall Planning, Design and Construction Mgt.
  • Stair Planning, Design and Construction Mgt.
  • Deck Planning and Construction Mgt.
  • Beach Erosion Planning, Control, and Mgt.
  • Lake and Sea Dock Planning, Design and Construction Mgt.
  • Lakefront Living Planning, Design and Construction Mgt.
  • Lakeside Entertainment Planning, Design and Construction Mgt.
  • Lakeside Kitchen and Fire Planning, Design and Construction Mgt.
  • Boat House Planning, Design and Construction Mgt.

Permitting for the above is almost always handled as well by the credentialed landscape architects at Terrain Planning to mitigate delays, and ensure expeditious permit approval

More on Waterfront and Wetlands Permitting: Pre-construction master planning and permitting for shoreline, oceanfront, beachfront and wetlands parcels from professional architects with decades of experience!

Getting Shoreline development permits issued for oceanfront or beachfront parcels on the New Hampshire, Maine, or Massachusetts Seacoast, or for inland wetland property, is the first step in building your dream lakefront or ocean side home. Living near the water is a truly special thing. Residents of ME, MA and VT alike are drawn to the calm, beautiful waters and the year-round recreation and relaxation they afford. Time with family and friends over long, hazy summers, or sipping coffee by a woodstove as ice moves over the lake and the wind howls, brings a feeling like no other.

To protect this beauty, land up to 250 feet from water’s edge falls under the regulation of each state’s version of the Shoreline Protection Act. These acts impose boundaries, limiting activities near a shoreline – even on private property. The use of mechanical equipment, tree and stump removal, and vegetation restrictions of the shoreline are allowed only when certain conditions are met. If not, steep fines can accrue.

Shoreline and wetland properties must also adhere to certain conditions that must be considered in your master site plan before construction begins. Steeper grades, septic system setbacks and view regulations are but some. We consider all the factors associated with lakefront land planning and are skilled in crafting all necessary impact statements.

You love where you live, you want the good life, and the process of designing and implementing a plan for your lakefront residence is an exciting time. We strive to give our clients the best possible customer care. When the job is done, we feel the pride of the homeowner as if it were our own…

Similarly, building near wetlands – land that is marsh, swamp, or saturated – also leaves you subject to regulations. Setbacks, proper silt fence placement and vegetation requirements are examples of things to consider. If you are thinking about developing on the shoreline, or near wetlands, we can help with any phase of the project, from site planning, permitting, to design and project management.

Large lakefront or oceanfront parcels are hard to come by, and even a small tract along the shoreline can be expensive. Clients who want to build as big a house as possible face restrictions on lakefront home construction sites, including the amount of land that can be covered by an impervious surface, the footprint of the structure, decks, docks, and any detached garage or driveway.  As land planners in the Lakes Region for many years, we have helped residents gain the maximum amount of space for their lakefront property.

New Hampshire Seacoast Towns we Offer Oceanfront and Beachfront Shoreline Permitting Services to

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